Dear Agent – Memoirs From a Seller

By: Bill Leesman

Dear Agent – Memoirs From a Seller

Tags: Dear Agent – Memoirs From a Seller

Dear Mr. or Ms. Real Estate Agent,

I know people can get a little weird when joining the pragmatic process of buying a property with the emotional ‘feel’ you have when you first look at a property.
But I don’t think I am asking for the world when I say this:

1 – When you book a showing of my property, please try your best to stick to that schedule.
I know my Realtor® told me to be flexible and ready to drop things at the drop of a hat, but it is still difficult to juggle the work schedule, feeding the kids, arranging for the pets to go somewhere, keep the house clean and not go crazy. So when you show up at 4:59 for a 4:00-5:00 appointment, I am ready to come home. I am sure your clients do not want me and my clan staring at them from across the street as we wait for them to come and go.
2 – I know you are doing your best to be of service to your clients.
But, a viewing and an inspection are two different things. When you are just viewing my home, I’m not sure there’s a need to try all of the taps, turn on the oven, or make use of the bathrooms to ensure they work. If you are interested, I know you will have a professional inspector do all of those things to ensure the house is in working order.
3 – I know that HGTV Realtors® love to show their personalities to their clients by…
…trying out musical instruments, climbing into kids play areas, and jumping on the beds to show how comfy they are. But in the real world, those things may not be expensive but, they are valuable to me. I would hate to have to hang a sign that says – “You break it, you buy it” and have you buy my home because you broke it. Same goes for your client’s kids too. Oh, and please don’t use my dishes and help yourself to the fridge either – (yep, this actually happened).
4 – My understanding is that Realtors® have to do what their clients ask, but let’s face it, you know the market just like my Realtor® does.

Trying to nickel and dime me on everything, low ball my home compared to the market, or just not negotiate above board, just seems wrong. I want the next people who own my home to love it like we have. But, I also want the negotiation to be fair. If your clients cannot afford my home, then perhaps they should look at lower priced offerings within their budget. If they can afford it, then be a professional and deal with my Realtor® professionally.
I know this sounds like I am asking for the world, but when it comes time for you to help your clients sell the property, wouldn’t they want the same thing?


The Homeowner of a home you hope your clients will buy

A little professionalism goes a long way!