Why isn’t my house selling?

By: Bill Leesman

Why isn’t my house selling?

Tags: Why isn’t my house selling?

“My house has been on the market for almost 3 months and no offers yet! You’re the Realtor® – tell me what we can do to sell this place!”

With all of the houses we’ve helped people sell, the above conversation is NOT one that happens often, but it has occurred a few times. And, each and every time, it understandably comes with frustration from the sellers. And often our first response is to sit and listen to the complaint. After all, in customer service roles we are often taught the client is always right.

Listen, we get it. You contracted us, as your Realtors®, to help you sell your house. And, if that conversation has to come, we understand you want answers and you want them quick.

But, the reality is we have probably already had the conversation at some point when you weren’t so upset.
When you hire a Realtor® to help you sell your home, you are hiring their expertise and marketing.

Between agent and seller, success comes from the 4P’s.


– Preparation, Pricing, Promotion and Partnership.

4Ps – What are these? 

1. We walk through the house with you, bring in a styling consultant and help guide you to PREPARE the home for sale.
2. We discuss the market data, so that you can make a logical choice in PRICING based on the market’s opinion.
3. We bring in professionals to help create a marketing plan for PROMOTION to reach the most people possible.
But, it is the last pillar that often creates the frustration. When a Realtor® sits down with a seller, often the seller’s choice is to try and sell at the highest price the market will possibly bear.

We understand that you want to realize the most on your investment.

But, that requires the market price and the home condition to match.

We have given you thoughts on the price and most likely have told you that if it does not sell in a set time frame that the price needs to be adjusted downward. We provide feedback from the stylist, from potential buyers who come through the home with other agents, open house traffic (and possibly caravans) and offer it to you for consideration and discussion.

It is very common with houses that are on the market ‘longer than average’ that there is feedback on both the price and/or specific details that trouble potential buyers. And we give that feedback to you the seller.

If only a few people come through the home, perhaps the marketing can be buffed up. But, if  50, 75, 100+ groups come through the house, it is probably not a problem with the marketing and advertising, which is our job.

When we sit down at the beginning and after 3-4 weeks, we will give you the feedback and our thoughts.

But it is up to you to act.

You will have two choices – change the price and/or make the adjustments and repairs to the home the market is expecting.

We don’t want to give you bad news, but you do hire us to be honest with you. At least I hope you do.
And it is that Partnership, the 4th P that may make or break the possible sale.
When the feedback comes. We are the messenger. You can respond and make the adjustments you need to or not, just like anyone who has something to sell.

Just don’t shoot the messenger.